Secrets of Media Training & Pitfalls to Avoid

I did an interesting interview with Krista at PR in Pink
about the benefits of Media Training.

We discussed a variety of challenges for spokespeople, including mistakes company leaders often make during interviews. One of the most common is that “too many media trainers mistakenly tell clients not to answer questions they don’t like, and instead simply pivot to their key messages.” It is often a huge mistake.

We also talked about why media training is important. Many company leaders believe that just because they give good speech that they can also give good interview.

Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

Talking to reporters demands a completely different state of mind and language. It is not a casual conversation, or a one-way address from a podium.

A news media interview is a two way debate with a reporter that holds incredible sway over your words. When you consider that “customers, regulators, suppliers, bankers and other important stakeholders watch, read, and listen to the news,” it can be dangerous to jump in unprepared without know exactly what you are doing.

I also addressed how social media changed the daily news cycle and how it affects media interviews. The media industry is changing so rapidly it is unrealistic for anyone today to think they can keep up without the help of experts who work in the field daily. There isn’t enough time to keep up with the technology, let alone how we relate to each other on a social news media level. As I told Krista, “It’s an absolute game changer!”

You can learn more by reading the entire interview here …

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