Radio’s Role in News Media Today

A good friend, Richard Maxwell recently launched a website called, which focuses on the radio industry.

Richard has a number of videos on his site of me addressing various topics, including my investigation of Nazi War criminals, and also the role social media plays in news today., created by Richard Maxwell and Bob Magee, is targeted at radio professionals, fans of the industry, and the next generation of broadcasters.

The site features a growing library of videos that describe and recount perspectives on radio today.

As well as dealing with the issues that affect our industry, also includes an archive of radio stories, career advice, and ideas.


I spoke with Barry Shainbaum recently on his talk radio show “FAITH FM 94.3Perspectives with Barry Shainbaum.”

We covered a number of topics including my investigation of Nazi war criminals as well as my days as a reporter investigating nursing home horror stories and pharmaceutical companies.

Barry is a great guy with a laid back and very calming demeanor. It was a pleasure to speak with him because he doesn’t inject hype or hyperbole into his conversation. Speaking with Barry feels like speaking with an old friend. He’s interviewed people like Dr. Phil and Margot Kidder, so I was very honored he also included me on his roster.

I had a chance to go into considerable detail about how the news industry works. We talked about all the different characters a reporter uses to develop a story. The most colorful is the Village Idiot. We all know this person. He or she is made to be the scapegoat, whether they deserve it or not.

We talked at length too about my involvement with the Erin Brokovich case.

Investigative stories involving corporations are often incredibly complex with a number of layers, influential lawyers, and competing dynamics. Many of the strategies I developed back then still apply today, although I have refined them considerably.

For example;

People don’t care how much you know. They need to know how much you care. 

The overriding question should always be; “What’s the right thing to do?”

Barry has a great way with people so it’s one of the most pleasurable as well as informative interviews I’ve done. If you have a moment give it a listen.


I’m addressing a plenary session of the Canadian Public Relations Society convention this June in Saint John, New Brunswick.

It’s all about THE POWER of PR! with Keynote sessions by Len Brooks, Dave Carroll, Sean Wise, and others.

It’s one of the largest PR conferences in Canada and sure to draw an interesting and influential crowd.

My plenary session is entitled “Maintaining Credibility When the Headline Is YOU.”

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