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LinkedIn has named October 24-30 the Week of Learning

During the entire week, LinkedIn members will be able to access its library of over 5,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning, entirely for free.

Be sure to check out my program, Communicating with Confidence by Jeff Ansell. I’m grateful to say my program has already had close to 600,000 views!

In my course I talk about how to be a confident communicator by learning techniques to help you sound more confident, and how to use gestures and your body language to look more confident too. Plus, I talk about how to overcome anxiety when speaking in public, and how to bring it all together by going through real coaching exercises.

I also address what good speakers do to draw their audience in, whether it is one person or a thousand. I talk too about what makes a person a good speaker. For example, “Do they care about their subject” and “Do they look genuine and sound animated.” A confident communicator is grounded and at ease in their own skin.

I also talk about the 3 “V’s”

1) Visual, which is about how we look and carry ourselves.

2) Vocal, how we sound, our tone and volume.

3) Verbal, the words we use to communicate.

55% of the way people interpret your attitudes and emotions is through VISUAL.

38% of the way people interpret your attitudes and emotions is through VOCAL.

7% of the way people interpret your attitudes and emotions is through Verbal.

Despite that last low number, 7%, words are still important.

A confident communicator is someone who is thoughtful with words.

A good speaker knows how to use all these elements effectively so you look like you mean what you’re talking about and sound like you mean what you’re talking about.

My training can help you choose words that describe how you want to see yourself and have others see you – words like confident, knowledgeable, and engaging, to name a few.

A good speaker is also someone who is will to be vulnerable in front of others.

A good speaker touches you, makes you listen and can make you act.

Effective communication is a key business skill that can be learned and refined.

All of my videos are FREE this week on LinkedIn, so please enjoy.

Be well,
Jeff Ansell

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