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Social Media

Ignore it at your peril . . . or use it to communicate with the world.

Social Media
has made it even more important to communicate clearly the first time, whether it is during a presentation to thousands of people during a convention, or when speaking with a reporter who is doing an investigative story about you or your company.

It is important to understand Social Media from a news perspective in order to get your message across effectively.

Newspapers and television embrace Social Media. They use it daily to share stories and news about large and small companies, and individuals too, but if you don't at least have an appreciation for the lingo and tools, it's like trying to understand a foreign language.

Many people foolishly believe they can use Social Media to fix mistakes they made in the traditional world of communication, and mistakenly believe they can repair what they perceive to be a news media misquote by simply going online to straighten things out.

Many also erroneously believe that if they simply ignore Social Media it won't have an impact on them personally or their company's share prices. It's the "See No Evil" syndrome.

The reality however is that a rapidly growing number of companies, maybe even your competitors, are already talking about you in Social Media circles like Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter, and if you are not tapped into this network you won't know what they are saying.

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