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Podcast Series of a Jeff Ansell presentation at the prestigious Boston CEO Club

TOPICS of CLIP #3 include:

1/ Media can help you sell product. 84% of CEOs believe that conducting media interviews is the most effective external activity to deliver corporate messages. Media remains the #1 venue for message delivery.

2/ 90% of professional investors are more likely to recommend to buy a stock if the CEO is seen in a favorable light. 93% of people find that information in news stories is more credible than information presented in advertising.

3/ Appearing in media actually results in higher executive compensation. Executives written up in news media (in a flattering light) earn more money. A single article featuring the CEO in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, or Fortune raised the CEO's compensation by an average of $600,000.00, and getting on the COVER of Forbes or Fortune raised it by one million dollars.

4/ You're only as good as your worst quote.

5/ Traditional tactics for public relations and communication don't work anymore, and CEOs are slow to realize it.

6/ Spokespeople too often mistakenly take the MESSAGE AS MANTRA approach.

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