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Podcast Series of a Jeff Ansell presentation at the prestigious Boston CEO Club

TOPICS of CLIP #2 include:

1/ Anyone with an internet connection can immediately become a publisher, a reporter, a saboteur, or a critic.

2/ Because anyone can become a Blogger, your company is potentially only one step away from disaster. Every word out your mouth is fair game for media to report and all it takes is for one sentence not to come out right.

3/ What keeps CEOs up at night? 72% are worried about financial irregularities, 68% are worried about unethical behavior ...

4/ Rumors don't even have to be true to irreparably harm your company. Mark Twain said, "A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes."

5/ Reporters often rely on stereotypes to tell their stories. Journalists need to identify a Victim, a Villain, a Hero, a Witness, an Expert, and a Village Idiot. Your job is not to become the Villain or Village Idiot.

6/ Decent people end up as media road kill as a result of dealing with reporters. Media Training helps level out the playing field.

7/ Carl Bernstein, the reporter who broke Watergate, made serious errors when I gave him a media training session.

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