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Podcast Series of a Jeff Ansell presentation at the prestigious Boston CEO Club

TOPICS of Podcast #1 in a 5 part series;

1/ How we say what we say. Learning to frame information properly for a news reporter is critical.

2/ News plays an important part in everyone's life. People make critical decisions based on what they see in media.

3/ As an investigative journalist Jeff exposed crooked doctors, hunted Nazi War Criminals, and reported practices that
resulted in laws changing and a poorly run nursing home being shut down.

4/ The event that convinced Jeff to quit his career as an investigative journalist.

5/ The Dumbing Down of the news by mainstream media and how it affects everyone.

6/ Journalists are under increasing pressure to report more, but they now have less resources and time. They also have to
compete with Social Media and Citizen Journalists. This shift represents a game changer for the news industry.

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