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Dealing with an Angry Public - 2 Day Program
1. Understanding the Problem: What’s Wrong with the Conventional Approach to Dealing With An Angry Public?
The traditional approach to deflecting public concern and restoring corporate image may work in some situations, but it won’t work when you are confronted directly by an angry public which perceives unacceptable risks and impacts.

The traditional approach won’t help when someone:
• stands in the way of your acquiring a “right” that is vital to your organization
• is having a negative impact on your profitability

Using complaint departments, staged media events, expert testimonials or one-shot hearings won’t solve the real problems. Our program includes a simulation highlighting key elements of the “mutual gains approach” in a case involving a defective product.

2. Key Elements of the Alternative Approach to Dealing With An Angry Public
How to avoid or minimize damage by turning confrontation into constructive negotiation.
Key strategies for managing conflict and for:
• identifying appropriate stakeholder groups
• finding effective stakeholder representatives
• meeting face-to-face
• determining interests
• inventing options for mutual gain
• transforming informal agreements into implementable solutions
• jointly agreeing to monitor results – on a regular basis
• using neutral mediators

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