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How each person communicates is rooted in a lifetime of habit.

Through our unique process, clients learn to feel and connect to what they say and how they say it.

Too many training programs are based on technical and analytical approaches to learning.

Our approach of blending thought and feeling creates impact and ensures the building of long-term muscle memory for new communications skills and strategies.

We have helped thousands of people become better speakers and handle news media more effectively.




Kevin Ruane - Director, Corporate Communications NCR Corporation
“I thoroughly enjoyed your session, and it was by far the most effective media training workshop I've seen. I have also been enjoying your book. Looking forward to future opportunities for NCR to partner with you and benefit from your expertise.”

Alicia Recupero Digital Insight, Group Marketing Manager, Communications
"Jeff Ansell & Associates trained a group of our senior executives and product managers in an engaging and informative session. The training was a big hit!"

Alana Kenopic - Provincial Conference Co-Chair 2013 Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers
“The feedback from all of our delegates has been extremely positive. I have had phone calls from programs across the province from delegates wishing to express their appreciation for your presentation. The information was not only interesting, but practical and useful to all of the persons in attendance.”

Charles Herrick - Director Professional Development 2012 IABC World Conference
IABC staff and I would like to "Thank You" again for your participation in the 2012 World Conference.

Your presentation was ranked
#1 out of 86 other Presenters!

Feedback from attendees regarding your presentation, "Say It Like You Mean It"

1. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will apply it to future public speaking engagements.

2. I really enjoyed this session. There was a good amount of information and some great nuggets.

3. Jeff is a fabulous presenter. I always leave his sessions feeling organized and empowered!

4. I enjoyed how passionately Mr. Ansell spoke about what we all want to improve on. Great tips!

5. I am a former TV news man too, but Jeff packaged his tips of public speaking very well and effectively. Good, no great!

6. Really like that it wasn’t a power point presentation. Jeff drove home a few powerful points and energized us at the end of a long day.

7. Best session ever. Wonderfully presented and highly transparent and sincere.

8. Great speaker and really enjoyed the content. Time flew by!

9. I do public speaking regularly and I learned great tips to try

10. Loved that he didn't use PowerPoint! Fabulous tips I can use right away.

11. One thought at a time, connect with one person at a time. And breathe. I have new thoughts about what good eye contact really is. Thank you!

12. Superb - I'm buying the book now!

Nancy Mays - Applebee's Restaurants "Seriously. You blew us away with your training."

Sangeeta Shah - AstraZeneca
I just had to share with you that I was asked to present, at the last moment, at a major Global brand Marketing forum with 40 countries both live and on virtual webcast on a new launch product.

I have to tell you, I pulled out the notes I made from our coaching sessions and I read them over and over and practiced everything you told me.

Results: It was amazing! The feedback I got from around the world and from the entire Global product team (including communication folks) was that I was “flawless” and “absolutely impressive”- they couldn’t believe how well it went and were shocked with how I managed to tie in all the business strategy with practical examples, was very clear , confident and funny and that I managed to engage virtually along with the live audience.

They said I should be a professional speaker or that I must be a TV anchor or something ...

Renee Smith-Valade - Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics
and Paralympic Winter Games, Vice President, Communications

"Jeff Ansell provided over 50 of our spokespeople the training they needed to adeptly handle the media in a broad range of situations. Many of those trained by Jeff – from the most senior executives to directors to managers - left the Games commenting that his training was the most valuable learning they had ever taken. He is, quite simply, the best."

Dr. Lydia Boyko - Professor, School of Media Studies & Information Technology
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

"To “wow” a group of mainly “millennials” in a professional PR program takes creativity, energy, experience, insight and a sense of fun. Jeff Ansell achieved this in a “dynamite” session at Humber College this fall, as part of the second year media relations course in the Bachelor of Public Relations degree program. Jeff has contributed significantly to their education, through his book, “The Headline Is YOU”, their mandatory course reading."

Karen Rossetti - Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)
"Noted below are verbatim comments we received from our participants:

1. Have attended over 34 Retail University sessions and this day rates in the top. Although being approached by the media is rare for us it's great to have this training in our "back pocket".

Jeff interacted and kept us extremely engaged. His link to technology (live broadcast) was a great touch. He left no one in the room un-trained and offered positive reinforcement and coaching.

Well done day!!!

2. Media training was excellent.
Skills attained at this are very transferable to all aspects of the DM's role

3. Attended media training - Jeff Ansell was excellent

4. The media training session was excellent, with many new skills learned. The speaker was great!

5. Media Training was amazing. Great presentation

6. I did the media training which was excellent

7. This was an outstanding work shop.
I would like more workshops that are developmental and interactive

Fantastic!!! Thank you once again, for your gift of collaboration, professionalism, and experience. I am confident that each and every one who participated in the session experienced a life changing moment. The knowledge, skills & experience we gained have provided us with the tools we need to handle a media call with professionalism, ensuring we get our good news story conveyed, but also, many participants conveyed how transferrable these skills are in other aspects of their professional and personal lives.”

David Lebeter - Vice-President T&D, BC Hydro Field Operations & Safety
"Just a short note to tell you how much the training you gave me last fall helped me this week. Yesterday I was the company media spokesperson when a transmission tower crossing the Fraser River collapsed. The training you provided at your Toronto office gave me the confidence and skills necessary to deal with media and present the BC Hydro’s story and facts in the best possible light. Many of the “media traps” and tactics you discussed were tried, and for the most part did not catch me off guard. I continue to recommend your training and book as valuable tools for anyone who may have to face the media. Thanks again."

Michael J. Barker - Ontario Medical Association
“Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing workshop you guided us through. To say it was transformational does not do it justice. In many, many years, and many careers, I have never been to a session on any topic that I have enjoyed as much, or know that I will actually get mileage from.”

Chris Cartwright - Ontario Medical Association
"The feedback I have received from my colleagues from the session has been excellent and immediately applicable. We could actually see throughout the day as individuals became more familiar with the techniques. By the end of the day the improvement in each of us with presentation and voice skills was quite amazing compared to where we had started."

Charles Herrick - 2011 IABC World Conference
"I would like to thank you again for your participation at the IABC 2011 World Conference. If it wasn’t for your hard work, time, and effort, the conference couldn’t be the success that it was.

Below is the overall evaluation score and any comments that were added about your session."

Maintaining Credibility When the Headline Is YOU

Overall Evaluation Score: 98.6% ...

Comments or suggestions for improvement:

1. Great video examples. Great lessons learned.

2. Great presentation! Very informative.

3. Provide more time for session – great info provided.

4. One of the best media relations seminars I have heard in 20 years.

5. Fabulous, thank you!

6. Perfect!

7. Very impressed with the caliber of the speaker you brought us. Thank you!
Interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking.

8. Good interaction and use of audience input.

Brian Jamieson - Ontario College of Teachers
Jeff’s ability to listen closely, cull the miscues and correct on the spot is most impressive and extremely helpful. I’ve been a corporate spokesperson for years and Jeff blows me away. Great content, well delivered and you can quote me!

1. Enjoyed it.

2. Excellent speaker, very engaging.

3. Very good, up-to-date examples.

4. Awesome session. I learned so much. Jeff is great.

5. Thank you for Canadian speakers and content.

6. Very inspiring. Jeff is fantastic.

7. Good mix of video/slides.

8. Great session!

Denise Bolduc - Thunderbird Centre
What a fabulous, informative day yesterday! Richard, thank you for your amazing program/workshop. You were so incredibly generous, engaging, patient and supportive. Everyone was thrilled by the outcomes and gained amazing skills to move forward confidently.

Michael J. Boyd - Chief of Police (Retired)
Your teachings helped me speak more effectively, with greater personal confidence, and most importantly, keep with my own values and goals of public transparency. I always knew there was more to high level, high profile public messaging than standing in front of a microphone and blurting out the truth. I learned so much from you about how and when, and the preparation needed to do so effectively. Jeff, you helped me to be the kind of leader I always wanted to be and for that I will be eternally grateful.

The London Club - Leadership & Crisis Communication
Presented by Genesis Executive Management for CEOs & Executives

Loretta Biscaro Smith - President, Genesis Executive Management Inc.
Thank you once again for an absolutely fabulous presentation.

It was a pleasure working with you . . .

Overall satisfaction with Speaker's presentation - 9.2 (out of 10)

Responses from our attendees . . .

1. Jeff was GREAT - told stories – gave tools.

2. EXCELLENT - Jeff Ansell was a spectacular speaker!

3. I especially loved Jeff's talk - dynamic and lots of good stories and information.

4. Jeff was dynamic, topical, and valuable. Amazing value.

5. Jeff is possibly one of the best speakers that I have had the privilege to listen to.

Karen Lechner - Vice President of Marketing
"It is not easy to coordinate personalities that include a CEO, Pulitzer Prize winner, former head of the Christian Coalition, and the former White House Political Director. But you pulled it off with flying colors!

Thanks to your attention to detail and your time commitment, we have had outstanding interviews on CNN, MSNB, Fox, Politically Incorrect, just to name a few ...

... Carl Bernstein, Justin Dangel, Randy Tate, and Craig Smith would also like to thank you for your guidance and persistence to the pursuit of excellence."

Bill Van Curen - NCR Corporation VP & CIO
"This was OUTSTANDING ! Best constructive use of my time in a single development session, since I can't remember when. This session was not only an immediate improvement in communication techniques, but was also a self CONFIDENCE boosting exercise. Jeff is a real pro !!!"

Ed Stewart - Southwest Airlines, Texas
"Even our most media savvy officers were impressed with your class.
Just read some of the unsolicited feedback."

Krista Robinson-Holt - Ontario Long Term Care Association
"Thank you. I got a ton out of our work together! I have done three media phone interviews since (one tough one) and my presentation also went very well (5 out of 5 on almost all of the evaluation forms). You are just great at what you do."

Jean-Michel Halfon - Pfizer Canada, President
"The general assembly went very well. I believe I followed your advice, which was all extremely useful. You would have been 'proud of me'"

Kristin Laconi - Atlanta Business Builders
"Jeff, everyone at our seminar had very positive remarks - including, "this was the best one yet." It was nice to see the "light bulbs" actually turn on with people leaving energized and armed with a whole new thought process on communicating. You did a fantastic job of breaking down the 5 keys to good communication and relating it in a way that is meaningful to every person who sat in our audience today."

David Bauer - Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
"In one of Jeff's four hour sessions I learned more about effective, professional communications than I did in four years of communications studies at a highly credited University. Jeff's expertise, passion for communicating with poise, skill and dignity, and his compassion for people who are learning to get over their fears of speaking to the media, provide a value that is unmatched by any other media training available."

Eva Huang - AstraZeneca
"I can not thank you enough for the valuable life gift you gave to me"

Suzanne Senior-Mitchell - AstraZeneca
"Your tenets of effective conversations and presentations apply equally with one colleague or with three hundred and so I started putting your recommendations to work as soon as I got back to the office!"

Jeff Smith - PG&E Corporation
"Jeff, your training system is really so valuable to us. I must tell you I used to hate training, but now I look forward to it as I know how much more capable it enables me to do my job. Thanks so much."

John L. Pye - Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Regional VP and General Manager
"As usual, an awesome job! Thanks for being as good as you are and helping all of us to appreciate just how important dealing with crisis and communication can be."

Paul Moreno - Pacific Gas and Electric Co., San Francisco, CA
"I enjoyed your media training. It's kind of like how I enjoy roller coasters : the nerve-racking anticipation, the sudden rush of adrenaline, and the feeling of elation and accomplishment when it's all over. I appreciate your forcing us into an uncomfortable zone so we could grow."

Nick Thomas - Royal Trust Global Securities Services, London, England
"It's the best corporate training program I've ever had"

Rene A. Henry - EPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency, Director Office of Communications and Government Relations, Philadelphia, PA

"As someone who has been involved in media training for more than 25 years, I thought you did one of the best jobs I had seen in this area."

Gene Rose - National Conference of State Legislatures, Public Affairs Director, Denver, CO
"Your session was the highest rated session of our conference. Our delegates really appreciated the highly interactive style of your presentation and your ability to explain communications concepts in an informative and easy to understand way."

Scott Bush - Rhodia Inc, Cranbury, NJ - Business Development Director, Probiotics
"Sincere thanks for the excellent crisis management and communications training. It is obvious that a lot of effort and planning went into developing a session that had direct relevance to the Rhodia Food business. In all my years with Rhone-Poulenc/Rhodia I can honestly say that this represented the most valuable training course I've attended. The tools I learned have significant application in my day-to-day life as a marketing director."

Anne Gervais - Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
"I can honestly say that it is one of the better 'courses' I have taken. Lots of concrete, actionable and specific feedback that can be (and will be) applied almost immediately."

Christian G. Boisvert - ADAMS, Division of Pfizer, Halifax, N.S.
"Thanks again for the truly fantastic one day seminar on presentation skills and public speaking. I have attended similar seminars throughout my career. I can honestly say that I would recommend you to anyone interested in enhancing their overall presentation skills. It is the best that I have participated in."

Lindsay McGregor - Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2013
“I wanted to send a huge thank you for coming to Harvard Business School. It was one of the most memorable classes of my entire time at HBS. Your advice to breathe and "think slow" caused a huge shift in my thinking. It was an incredible learning experience, for me and for my classmates.”

Jamie Switzer - Scotia McLeod
"I know you must get hundreds of thank you's, but I felt it was important to let you know how much of an impact you had on me."

William M. Piecuch - Northstar Public Relations, President, Dayton, OHIO
"I've been a public relations executive for 30 years. You are truly a throwback and a futurist in one package. Throwback because you question group wisdom with class and sensitivity. A futurist because you understand today's communications tools."

Paulette Vinette - Canadian Soft Drink Association, President and CEO, Toronto, Ont.
"I learned more in my half-day with you than in all my 20 years at the school of hard knocks! You have a very comforting disposition enabling your constructive feedback to resemble a compliment. I can see why you came so highly recommended and I look forward to work with you in the future."

Tony Milina - Molson Breweries, VP Sales, Vancouver, BC
"In January, I spoke to the top 50 managers in the west about the compelling need for us to become more innovative and aggressive. I closed the conference with a dramatic rant (a take-off on a new advertising campaign) to a standing ovation. This was clearly the best presentation I have ever made. More importantly, it has opened my eyes to a new way of communicating with, and motivating people. I couldn't have done it without your excellent and compelling feedback. Thank you Jeff, for a gift that keeps on giving."

Anne Kershaw - Queens University, Kingston, Ont.- Associate Director of Communications
"We thoroughly enjoyed our day with you. Everyone was very happy with the program and your excellent advice and feedback. The day certainly left a lasting impression on us and we are doing our best to put it all into practice."

Terry Cairns - MDS Nordion, Ottawa, Ont.
"I'm not exaggerating when I say that the last two days were one of the most rewarding for me in my life. It just opened a door that I've never been able to find the key to. While I have a long way to go it's given me the tools and confidence I think I need to make it to the next door. I thank you for that."

Harry S. Marmer - Frank Russell Company, Toronto, Ont.
"As all "experienced" speakers, I approached your seminar somewhat skeptical, with the key issue being, how can you measure the value of such a course. Well one year later, I can attest to the value of your course! There is no doubt in my mind that the key points you teach have helped me significantly improve my presentation skills and consequently the audiences appreciation of my message."

Doris Whalen - Nursing home administrator, Vancouver, BC
"Your techniques worked like a charm."

Nancy O'Neill - Chemical Manufacturers of Chemical Specialties Association - Ottawa Ont.
"Your presentation at our Annual Conference in August was ranked #1 by our delegates on their conference evaluation forms."

François de Gaspé Beaubien - Telemedia Publishing
"Jeff's two-day sessions promised to prepare a CEO to communicate confidently with media and achieve excellence in speeches and public speaking appearances. His course far outperformed his promise and my expectations. It enabled me to realize how much room for improvement there was in my delivery and handling of all media situations. Rating ****"

Bev Buckton - Toshiba
"... I can safely say it was the most useful training course I have ever taken, far better than the usual array of time scheduling and motivational blather that we typically receive in industry. Your course was hard-hitting, impactful and most of all -- relevant. The techniques you taught me and the information you provided will be of use to me virtually every day."

Don Gordon - Redpath Sugar
"...The techniques that you showed me have improved my level of comfort and effectiveness immensely . . .Reuters reported two of my Latin American speeches on their worldwide network and I have attached copies of their dispatches . . .You will note a very strong 'call to action' on my presentation in Paraguay."

Kate Stanley - Rhodia
(We loved the) “Hands-on, no nonsense strategic messaging exercises and video examples”

Odette Auger - Equifax Canada
“Your session has truly provided me not only with “how” to answer questions, but also gave me tools to prepare for interviews and the confidence to go through them”

Carl Stef - Holt Renfrew & Co
“Thanks for the amazing opportunity to learn from you. The hours we spent with you were hugely valuable and gave us all some really useful tools. I learned so much in those three hours and will put that knowledge into practice. It was one of the most useful training sessions that I have ever had”

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