Customized Media Training & Presentation Skills Coaching

Our Training Style - Custom training created for each client

For those with little or no experience we teach you the basics so you gain confidence quickly.

If you are a C-Level Executive, or an Experienced Spokesperson dealing with tough issues
we will grill you on the HOT SEAT and hold nothing back, just like reporters do in the real world.

If your story is GOOD NEWS! ... we will help you tell it in as positive a way as possible.

Take a TOUR of Our Training Boardroom & TV Studio

Practice Makes Perfect! Real world training scenarios in a safe
simulated environment under the guidance of a real journalist.

When you make a mistake in our studio only you know, not the entire world.

We have a well appointed Boardroom where
you can learn and practice Presentation Skills.

We also have a TV Training Studio complete with
cameras, monitors, and an anchor desk.

Cameras and microphones are on at key times so
you can review later and improve your performance.

Full-day, three-quarter, and half-day programs are available.
Email or Phone Us Today at 416.413.9660

When the Headline Is YOU - Proactive Planning
Keynote Presentations - Book Jeff for Your Group

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